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Kershaw Chill folding knife


Tools offer such a big possibility of enabling us to charge forth in this world towards our mission, but they also can very easily become a thing that we treat ourselves with, a luxury gadget that satisfies the craving to consume. Realistically, the reason for having gear often lies somewhere in between. It looks cool … Read More →

One Legged King Pigeon Pose II | Eka Pada Rajakapotasana II | Yoga | Leiah Luz One Legged King Pigeon Pose II | Eka Pada Rajakapotasana II | Yoga | Leiah Luz


asana (äˈsə-nə) n. Any of various bodily positions assumed in yogic excercise. In Buddhism, there are known three marks of existence: Anicca : the truth of impermanence Annata : the truth of no self Duhkha : the truth of suffering The wisdom of thousands of years of experience and practice tells us the mind can … Read More →

Goldstream Provincial Park BC | Journeys


I was once talking to a photographer I greatly admired and asked him how he got so many great photographs of amazing locations. His response to me was to just say ‘yes’ to adventure. Since then, I’ve used that motto and can’t express how much it has worked. It was around this time that I … Read More →

Bucharest Romania | Architecture


Man made giants. It’s hard to say exactly what it is for me, but I’ll try. When I walk up to a building that catches my eye and imagination, it’s timeless. Looking at photographs I took, years later I’ll be spellbound. From crevices to corners, arches to columns, stone to wood, steel to glass; the … Read More →

Big Bar Lake, British Columbia, Canada Big Bar Lake, British Columbia, Canada


It is with landscape photography (with a heavy mix of nature photos) that my passion for photography was rekindled. In Vancouver, Canada I started to push myself into the surrounding mountains more and more, getting addicted to the fresh rainforest air. I began to hike looking for the best views and most rugged terrains I … Read More →