Photography Sessions

I am available for professional photography sessions around the world, but based in British Columbia, Canada (I am in Vancouver, Vancouver Island, and Kamloops frequently).

You can also subscribe to my maillist for upcoming model calls, discounts, travel updates, and lots of photographs.


When you contact me about your photoshoot, I will ask you some of the following questions:

  • Where is this shoot going to take place? Your own house is great location, I love to shoot outdoors, too. We can also rent a space. Big windows are an asset!
  • When would you like to shoot? I love daylight.
  • What is your vision?  I sometimes put together a blog post of inspirational images. I’d love to see some inspirational photos from you.
  • Makeup? I love to lean on the side of natural, but I want you to feel comfortable and alluring. I can arrange for a makeup artist for you.


Typically 2 hours gives us adequate time to make magic.

I want you to be comfortable. When we’re shooting, if there is anything that you need or desire, tell me! I also like to take breaks, have sips of water, and appreciate moving to a space you’re feeling more positive energy in.


We sign a dual-copyright agreement, which means that you get full rights to the final photographs, at least 15 edited in high resolution and web ready format.

Generally I put a fotoblog together of my favorite photographs from the photoshoot, because after all, I’m proud of what we’ve made together, too! Depending on my back-log, this can take a few months.

ready to shoot?

if you have any questions and/or would like to book your photoshoot

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